Elise is passionate about the natural world, having studied it for 25 years—first as a wildlife ecologist and, most recently, as an artisan perfumer. She creates her luxury perfumes to highlight the ethereal beauty of natural ingredients and to tell a tale. Each ingredient has a story, each a unique loveliness, and Elise uses a skilled touch to blend carefully selected aromatics as she creates her award-winning perfumes. Her unique blend of ingredients in ambre alchemé, and her rich rose accord over lush amber in Dark Moon Rose are both Best of Scent winners at CaFleureBon and Artisan Award winners at The Artisan Fragrance Salon. The travel-inspired, Wolf Moon-blended Wanderer perfume was Best of Scent 2016 at CaFleureBon. Continued inspirations from nature’s stories, cycles of the moon, travels, and personal experience, give Elise much rich material for future perfumes.

As Editor at the perfume blog CaFleureBon, Elise writes the popular Ingredients page with in-depth explorations of the fragrant building blocks of perfume. For Perfumer’s Workshop, another high-ranking series at the blog, Elise brings together perfumers in roundtable format to discuss facets and skills of the perfumer’s art. Always in search of the best ingredients and the best way to describe fragrance, she also writes the Perfumer’s Nose series on her blog where she documents the evaluations, creativity, and experiments of an artisan perfumer’s life. An involved member of the artisan fragrance community, Elise was invited in 2015 to speak at the iconic FRAGments Artisan Perfume Event in Los Angeles about her research into the relationship between moths and white flowers.

In addition to sharing her knowledge through writing, Elise loves to teach classes large and small—working with individuals, small groups, and corporations. She has found that the medium of fragrance brings people together, opens discussions, touches memories, and creates beauty in a bottle. In addition to perfumes, Tambela is the home of amazing soaps, quality essential oils, and naturally fragrant beeswax candles. Elise is available to consult on natural fragrancing for body care products, soaps, and home.

With a PhD in biology and a career as a wildlife ecologist, Elise loves the natural world and has studied large scale patterns of wildlife habitat use, counted thousands of birds, and trekked through forests, deserts, rice fields, and marshes. She continues to go outside as often as possible to take photos, count birds, tend her garden, and find inspiration.